Reasonable planning of space, improve space utilization, to provide warehousing ability!
The door measuring capacity, according to the storage quality of the specifications of the item to provide the perfect solution!
Design adjust measures to local conditions for you to set aside more corridor space, convenient cleaning, handling of the item.
Let items neat, facilitate inventory, improve the storage environment.
Raw materials come from big steel base, direct selling price, the products produced by advanced automation equipment, save manpower.
The incoming material, made, ship all-the-way tracking.
Spraying special treatment, use for a long time do not fade.
Warehousing, senior designer, beautiful, durable.
Suitable for all the products with quality, free height adjustment.
Dongguan to better storage equipment co., LTD is a professional engaged in storage shelves and auxiliary equipment research and development, production, sales, installation in one of the integration of enterprises. With professional technology and advanced complete profile rolling, shelf and worker, pickling phosphating, paint treatment, surface coating one-stop production lines, has a professional construction convenient installation and convenient after-sales service team.
  • It is a kind of shelf made of column, beam, bracing, bracing and self-locking bolts. It can effectively prevent the instability of the bolt after the bolt is loose. Its beam adopts special cold-rolled P-type Closed beam; the structure has a simple and reliable, light weight, strong bearing capacity, low cost of a feature; its column card and column connected with a special design safety pin, this can ensure that the beam will not fall off under external impact; Of the laminates using the international to do the strip plate, with a strong bearing capacity, wear resistance, easy replacement, low maintenance costs. Dongguan heavy shelves dare to face all the challenges.

  • Loft-style shelves it is done with a shelf to do the floor, this stage of the material transport, warehousing, management, control is mainly rely on artificial and auxiliary machinery to achieve. This material can be moved and conveyed through a wide range of conveyor belts, industrial conveyors, manipulators, cranes, stackers and lifts, which can be stored with shelves and mobile shelves, and then manually manipulated the machine, Limit switches, screw mechanical brakes and mechanical monitors and other control equipment to run. This mechanization satisfies the demands of people for speed, precision, height, weight, repetitive access and handling, and its real-time and intuitive nature is an obvious advantage.

  • Warehouse loft is built in the existing workplace or shelves built on a middle attic, in order to increase its a storage space, can do two or three loft, you can access some light bulb and small pieces of goods, In the multi-species large quantities or more varieties of small quantities of goods, manual access to goods. The goods are usually sent by forklift, hydraulic lift or cargo ladder to the second floor, third floor, and then by a light car or hydraulic pallet truck to a location. The use of shelf pillars to do floor support, steel floor, floor flat, strong overall bearing capacity and uniform, and its low cost, faster construction, can be applied to the Treasury higher, smaller cargo, manual access, access Large amount of circumstances, it is possible to make full use of the savings of the Treasury area. Warehouse loft in the square of the land can also have a big as.

  • What is the way to determine the shelf price?

    Custom product prices have a certain degree of flexibility. You said the custom storage shelves are the same, according to the shelf selection, shelf specifications, shelves of the process, the shelf transport, shelf installation costs. Calculate the price. On a single shelf of the price to count, according to square calculations, the specific needs of enterprises to ask.

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